Tofu Mushroom Gyros

Are you participating in Veganuary? Or just looking for a new vegan meal? This Tofu Mushroom Gyros is absolutely bursting with rich flavor to satisfy even the biggest omnivore seated at your table.

I love this dish because it can be made into a quick lunch wrap, rice bowl or a beautifully plated dinner. The tofu and mushrooms give it a meaty like quality and you can top it off with any of your favorite vegetables.  My go-to toppings include vegan feta cheese by Violife and fresh herbs like parsley and mint.

Tofu mushroom gyros recipe card

People choose a vegan diet for many different reasons. For the animals, for their individual health, our planet, fight against diseases. Whatever you decided to choose, feel good about your decision and know that you are contributing to something bigger. I think the wave of the future is eating more plant based. I don't believe this planets population will ever go 100% vegan but if we can significantly cut down, we can make a big impact for everyone's future.

Claudine xx