A little Q&A with Kirsten Barentsen

 This week we are celebrating International Women's Day and we could not be more happy to be giving the spotlight to Kirsten Barentsen. 


When we first met Kirsten on Instagram we immediately knew this was a woman we could get on board with.  California cool aesthetic, clean living and a bohemian lifestyle beautifully captured on Instagram.  Now a mother of two handsome boys we thought we would have a little fun and ask her a few questions about skincare, selfcare and what’s important to her these days.

Give us a snapshot into your life.

 I'm a mama of two boys and a photographer, originally from California. My husband and I grew up by the beach, so even though we don't live by the coast currently, it's still incorporated into our lives in many ways. I definitely think the aesthetics in our home and the style of my photography depict my roots. As a digital creator, I love sharing what brands I am currently using and what is making a difference in our lives. Natural products are very important to me and my family because healthy & clean living is an essential piece of our lifestyle.

When do you take the time for selfcare?

I make sure I take time every day, even if it means my two year old takes part in some of those self care routines. We brush our teeth, hair, and moisturize at the same time together everyday. Hopefully it's teaching him the practice of self care early on and he'll continue to take time for himself.


What does selfcare look like for you?

As a busy mom, it's little things. I'm lucky if I get a face mask in once a week.

Is a healthy lifestyle important to you and if so, what does that look like?
VERY! We try to shop only organic when it comes to food, use non toxic cleaning products, and get lots of sunshine and outdoor time in. I don't wear much makeup, but when it comes to beauty and care products I like those to be as clean as possible too.

What has been your favorite Hello Sunday product?

The Cleansing Balm is a dream! The texture is so nice and I feel like my face is so clean and smooth after.

 Do you have any takeaways from the last 2 years in respect to COVID? ie. Did you learn something new? Did you make any impactful changes?

The best things to come from this crazy experience in our lives is time with family. My husband got to switch to remote and it's been the best. I hope everyone has been brought closer together through this.

Just for fun. What are you currently watching or reading?

I just finished Yellowstone and now watching 1883!

What is your current favorite meal?

Farro salad :) It always reminds me of summer with the fresh tomatoes and hints of mint.

Any last words...Anything you want to promote?

When it comes to clean living it's important to remember it's more than food and exercise. It's everything you expose yourself to, what you breathe in, what you put on your skin, your EMF exposure and so much more. Clean products are 100% worth using and switching to.
You can follow Kirsten @@kirstenalise