Getting to know Meeca Tuttroen

We are thrilled to feature the gorgeous Meeca Tuttroen in honor of International Women's Day. 

Meeca in the sunlight holding Flores Mist


When we first stumbled upon her Instagram account we immediately loved her style, drive and gorgeous family.  We are so happy that we have gotten to know Meeca better and we hope you love getting to know her a little more too!

 Give us a snapshot on your life.

I am a mother of 2 daughters, a spin instructor and stylist at Aritzia, with big passions and goals of launching my own swimwear line. Growing up, I always would be working on passion projects with hopes of launching my own businesses, so I am so excited to have stuck through the highs and lows of the last few years of being a new mom, living life during Covid and finding space within the chaos to focus on my needs as well. I am passionate about spending quality time with the people in my life & getting creative/working on creative projects. I love my morning coffee, red wine will always have my heart and as much as I don’t mind getting creative with cooking, I would always choose to go to a restaurant and have someone else cook for me first if I could.
When do you take the time for selfcare?

Mainly when I have free time away from my daughters where I can solely focus on myself. Being a mama of 2, this doesn’t happen often but when I take the time for myself it truly rejuvenates myself in this busy life!

Meeca holding jar with Agua facial mask on
What does selfcare look like for you?
Self care looks like slowing down, removing any stressors in my life and adding wholesomeness. Often, if the space around me is messy, that’s usually how it feels inside my head. Again, being a mama of 2, our space is often messy. So taking time to clean often feels like self care for me. Slowing down at night, whether it’s taking a bath or my 6 step skincare routine, taking time for me, myself and I is always rejuvenating.
Is a healthy lifestyle important to you and if so, what does that look like?

It is important to me to be mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. There were so many times (and still occasionally show up) after my second daughter was born where I would realize it would be 4 pm and I hadn’t even eaten a single meal.

What has been your favorite Hello Sunday product?

I absolutely love the FLORES botanical facial mist. Used at night, post skin care routine, it has the perfect “it’s time to slow down and be in the moment” smell to it. I also love it for a quick mid day refresh.

 Do you have any takeaways from the last 2 years in respect to COVID? ie. Did you learn something new? Did you make any impactful changes?

At the end of the day, all we have are our own separate beautiful little lives to live. Let’s do the things that make us happy.
Just for fun. What are you currently watching or reading?
Into all of the reality TV shows. - love is blind & below deck currently.
What is your current favorite meal?
One is so hard to choose - love an authentic butter chicken, sushi and dishes with fried tofu.
Any last words...Anything you want to promote?
Hello Sunday is a gorgeous brand with a gorgeous meaning behind it! I am constantly on the hunt for better, safe, clean products. So I love everything Hello Sunday stands for.
You can follow Meeca @meecameeca and don’t forget to follow @freklswimwear for her new swimsuit line launching Spring ‘22!