Which clay mask is right for you!

You're dying to add a clay mask into your skincare routine but not sure which one to choose?  Let's break it down!

girl with Frutas clay mask on

Our original Frutas Facial Mask is perfect for oily and acne prone skin.  With an infusion of vitamins from the papaya, strawberry and watermelon extracts this mask is sure to leave you with a brighter and more youthful glow.

Hello Sunday model with Agua clay mask on face

Consider our Agua Facial Mask if you have dry and sensitive skin.  This is the second mask we added to our collection.  We wanted to incorporate a soothing, gentle mask that will still leave your skin feeling revived but without the potent and sometimes irritant botanicals. Instead we chose calming ingredients like BC marine clay, coconut milk powder, spirulina, aloe and chamomile making this mask a gentle exfoliation process.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that a clay mask will hydrate the skin. This is not true.  The job of clay is to pull and extract impurities deep within the pores, absorb excess oils and assist to slough off dead skin cells in preparation for the next step in your routine, hydration! Once your skin has been exfoliated you are left with a fresh canvas, leaving your skin ready to embrace all the hydration and moisture you're about to feed it. This is when you want to apply products with Hyaluronic Acid like our Flores Facial Mist followed by a moisturizer like our Verano Facial Serum. 

The advantages of using a dry mask allows you to mix it with different hydrators, it has a longer shelf life and you can use less product per application.  Some of my favorite hydrators are our Flores Facial Mist, using a carrier oil like jojoba or avocado and of course H2O.

brush and bowl mixing up clay mask

Your mask should stay on your face anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on how thick you've applied it.  Remember to always rinse off your mask before it starts to crack.  If you're leaving it on for that long it's going to begin to pull out too much of the good stuff and can possibly damage your skin's natural protective barrier.  For best practice rinse off your mask when it's still a little damp.  I like to use lukewarm water and a baby washcloth as I find these are the softest.

A little rosey after your mask? This is normal. This happens because the clay pulls the blood to the surface of your skin which helps with circulation and cell regeneration.  If your skin is red any longer than 30mins, you may have a sensitivity to one of the ingredients or you left it on for too long.

Both masks have incredible benefits.  You can even incorporate both of them at the same time.  Try using Frutas on your T-zone and Agua on the other areas of your face likes cheeks and forehead. Which one will you choose?

Claudine xx