Meet Kati Moore


We are thrilled to be featuring Kati Moore as part of International Women's Day. Not only is Kati stunning, she is wildly creative and wears many hats while raising her 3 children. 

Kati might not know this but we’ve had our eye on her since she owned her own clothing line, Uniform, many moons ago.  We are proud to highlight this gorgeous gal!

Give us a snapshot on your life.

Full and multifaceted! I have three young children, and a diverse freelance modelling/brand consulting/styling/social media management and influencer side hustle. My days are busy, often long, and always different. But more often than not include at least one kitchen dance party and a love affair with nature.

When do you take the time for selfcare?

Every morning and evening, without fail. I can’t move forward if I don’t. I get stuck in a rut. So starting with fresh, hydrated skin, and green beauty on, and ending cleansed and oiled when the day is done. It’s essential and a non negotiable for me.

What does selfcare look like for you?

Being alone, taking my time, luxuriating in exactly what I want to be doing in that moment. Sometimes it’s just lighting a candle. Other times it’s a midday bath. Even starting dinner at 3pm so I can get lost in the therapy that is cooking. And when all else fails, a late drive drive with windows down and the volume up.

Is a healthy lifestyle important to you and if so, what does that look like?

Absolutely. Sleep, water, vegetables, and fresh air.

What has been your favorite Hello Sunday product?

Oro Perfume Oil transports me to another place. I haven’t worn chemical fragrance in over 10 years and this is a new fave.

Katie Moore taking a selfie in front of Hello Sunday products

Do you have any takeaways from the last 2 years in respect to COVID? ie. Did you learn something new? Did you make any impactful changes?

Everyone’s trauma response is so unique and deeply personal. We simply cannot judge those around us or make choices on their behalf. We are all on our own journey. What you do or don’t do with your body is none of my business, and there’s so much power in agreeing to disagree. I’ve never been one to long for the past, but a large part of me wishes this was all a bad dream and we will wake up soon and get these years back.

That said, the silver lining has definitely been the forced slowdown, learning to embrace a truly HOUSEBOUND lifestyle. There have been many beautiful moments, and it’s those that have kept me going.

Just for fun. What are you currently watching or reading?


What is your current favorite meal?

Cauliflower tacos. For life.

Any last words...Anything you want to promote?

Check me out on IG! I always have rad new slow, ethical, and sustainable brands and products I’m sharing, and lots of fun projects on the go.(coughcoughpopupshopcoughcough)


You can follow Kati @ohheykatimoore