Ladies, today is your day!

In honor of International Women's Day I wanted to recognize some of the beautiful women entrepreneurs I’ve had the pleasure of meeting along this journey. These women are hustling and making big moves and creating beautiful brands. I believe it’s important for women to support, collaborate and lift each other up!

*Raux Jewelry - Kailee uses recycled silver to whisk you away to paradise with her beautiful ocean and sun inspired pieces. I may have a couple or three…

*Emma Hands - Emma is a graphic designer who makes beautiful textiles. I'm obsessed with her Tough Titties collection!

*Kaju - Romantic, statement earrings for every girl. Marianna has such a great eye for shapes and texture. I get compliments on mine every time I wear them!

*Woash - Cassey created Period loose-leaf tea, do I need to say more? Anything that supports women during their cycle, I'm a big fan of!

*Homecoming - Suraiya has the best minimalist candle collection. Their scent profiles are spot on, but I'm completely in love with their hand dyed tea towels!

*M-A Fashion - Melissa is fire! I love her minimalist style. We connected over our love of good vegan food!

*Dana Mooney - Dana make makes the most dreamy pieces of art. Have you seen her murals? The one in Olive and Ruby is my fave!

There are so many other women I didn't mention, that I admire their style and brand. These women are shaking up the small business world. Ladies, today is your day!

Support women in business, shop local.

Claudine xx

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