We didn't just jump on the bandwagon.

Hello Sunday was created with the desire to heal my skin naturally but it started from something way deeper.

I will admit, I was never a lover of red meat and had tried being a vegetarian several times throughout my life. But this time it was different! After a family health scare and watching ALL the Netflix documentaries and my then 3 year old telling me he no longer wanted to hurt the animals, my partner and I decided we had to stop eating meat! In order to give us a better chance at a long, happy life with little health concerns, we had to stop eating meat. To give our kids the best start in life, we had to stop eating meat. To help protect our little planet, we had to stop eating meat!

Climate Strike 2019

We told ourselves we would start out slow beginning with a vegetarian diet and eventually flowing into a vegan diet. So I armed myself with a ton of vegan cookbooks & created new staple meals for my family & I. For the first time my kids didn't complain at every meal, food & cooking became exciting again (I was so sick of cooking). With so many imitation meat products out there to curb your cravings, I found cutting out meat was the easiest. Tofu became a big "go to"! I looked at it as only having to replace one item on my plate. Eggs and dairy, that was tough! I ate 2 eggs almost every morning for breakfast. My kids lived on cheese sandwiches and cheesy noodles. But we were committed, there was no turning back.

When you change something so profound it changes your mindset on other health and wellness issues. Everything starts to snowball. We cleared the house of toxins and began to use natural alternatives. I started reading the labels of my skincare products and realized they had to go too.

I suffer with rosacea. I'm the one who looks like tomato after a workout. I figure it looks like I worked out the hardest! LOL Honestly though, I hate it. It's a real confidence killer. I have tried to hide behind sunglasses, scarves, hats and plenty of makeup.

When we switched to a vegan diet and cut out gluten, which is a major rosacea trigger for me, I started to see my skin heal! My skin was angry and when I noticed inflammation and acne decrease and redness being toned down, I realized that I needed to change not only what I was consuming but also what I was putting on my skin. Our skin is our largest organ, so it absolutely matters what you put on it. It absorbs everything!

I began to educate myself on natural and botanical ingredients. Fruit oils are loaded with vitamins and fatty acids that contribute to soft, supple skin. They moisturize and help maintain hydration, soothe inflammation and control oiliness. They add protective barriers to the surface of your skin to prevent the absorption of unwanted environmental elements. Essential oils help control bacteria on the skin and assist in overall well being. Clay helps attracts dirt and build up in your pores and increases circulation and cell regeneration. I realized that nature gives us all the ingredients we need to thrive. Why would I ever buy products that are full of toxins, fillers, synthetics and only put a "band-aid" on things ever again?

After experiencing first hand the effects of changing to a vegan diet and using natural ingredients on my skin, it only seemed fitting to formulate a botanical skincare line.

It can feel like a bumpy road sometimes, but with so many more plant based options out there it's never been easier to change your diet. Have we made exceptions? Sure. We can only do our best. Are birthday parties hard? So hard! What kid doesn't want to eat cake? Do I still get flare ups and acne? Absolutely! I am a woman whos hormones change daily! Do I still consume gluten and sugar even though I know I will hate myself for it the next day? Yes, but only in moderation and special occasions. There's no cure for rosacea, it's about maintaining your flare ups and knowing your triggers.

We didn't just jump on the bandwagon, we committed to changing our lifestyle to better suit our future and I couldn't be more proud of us!

Honestly, I could talk about the importance of going vegan and using natural products all day...

Need some inspiration? Ask me anything!

Claudine xo

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