Vegan "Girl Dinner"

I love this new trend of the "girl dinner". Nothing screams summertime dinners more than building your own charcuterie board and if you know us we've made it vegan!

I like rustic, seeded crackers. My favorite ones are from Trader Joe's but if you can't access TJ's cause you live in Canada like me, then I really like Ryvita. They have a variety of flavor combos.

Truffle hummus is a little hard to find but hands down my favorite.  I'm pretty lucky to live in an area that has the best Greek market.  They have a beautiful deli section with plenty of vegan options. This is also where I pick up my Spread Em' cashew cheese spreads. My favorites are garlic chive and jalapeno lemon.  They also have an amazing selection of olives and marinated artichokes but sometimes Costco does the trick too.

Any raw veggies will do but my favorites to combine with hummus and the cashew cheese are cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot sticks, cauliflower florets and snap peas.

When it comes to tofu I'm a little picky. I only eat organic and extra firm. Having said that, I really like the Sunrise smoked tofu.  It's great in sandwiches, salads and on its own with crackers an cheese.

I usually only drink water with my meals but this summer I've jumped onto the flavored sparkling water trend. I'm currently loving the coconut pineapple by Bubbly and their dark cherry. I also really like the limoncello flavor by La Croix.

Ok, so what's my favorite vegan chocolate?  I have a few. I will pick up vegan chocolate any time I see it and keep it in the freezer until I'm craving something sweet. I like the offerings at Purdy's and Cadbury and Ritters have a good selection too but I think if I could only indulge in one it would have to be Zazubean. I like that they offer different flavor combos like pineapple coconut and fig sea salt.

Let me know how you build your "girl dinner" this summer and tag me in your socials!

Claudine xx

vegan girl dinner recipe card