Hi, I'm Claudine! 

With the recent launch of our new beautiful branding & packaging, I thought this would be the perfect time to say hello! 

portrait of Claudine

I truly believe in the natural healing powers of plants. They provide fuel to keep my body healthy and vitamins and nutrients to keep my skin glowing!

I was not always happy with my complexion.  I would often hide behind a lot of make up and feel defeated, thinking "this is me, I guess". It took many years and a lot of hard work to find out what best worked for me. This meant changing to a plant based diet, avoiding toxins in my home and using natural products on my skin. As a women I've also realized we are not linear.  Our hormones are ever changing and we need to be more gentle with ourselves.

Hello Sunday was born from having such wonderful results using plant based ingredients, I wanted others to achieve their most vibrant glow!

Fun Facts!

~I'm a mother of 2 boys - 8 & 11 years old & we are a thriving vegan family. 
~I usually eat leftover dinner for breakfast. 
~I lived in London, England when I gave birth to my first son. We moved back to Vancouver because we wanted him to be surrounded by the beaches and mountains. 
~I started riding a BMX bike last year with my boys around the track to show them that girls can ride too, no matter what age you are. It's soo fun! 
-My favorite food is curry.  Indian or Thai!
~My guilty pleasure. I'm currently obsessed with watching Love Island. 
Founder / Owner