Everything But The "B" But Better

Everything But The Bagel seasoning was the best thing to happen to my breakfast game.  As I find I'm usually a savory girl in the A.M. this is a great way to elevate my morning avocado toast!

I originally purchased my EBTB seasoning on a girls trip to Palm Springs from TJ's. I bought 1 for the duration of the trip to enjoy with the girls and 1 to bring home. Let's just say that 2nd bottle didn't last long when I shared it with the fam.  At the time you couldn't buy EBTB anywhere in Canada. So when we sprinkled our last avo toast I had to put on my creative hat.  When I realized I could make my own seasoning, I consciously attempted to make it better, more nutrient dense. If you know me, I'm always doing this to all my recipes. "How can I make it heathier, so I can eat it more often"!

everything but the bagel recipe

Besides avocado toast my second favorite way to enjoy this seasoning is on popcorn.  Drizzle over a little EVOO and a healthy sprinkle of EBTBBB and you've got everyone wanting to come over for movie night.

Let me know your favorite way to enjoy EBTBBB!

Claudine xx