How To Incorporate Other Skincare Products With Hello Sunday.

You have bottles and jars everywhere but you're confused in what order to use them?  You love your original skincare products but you're not sure how to incorporate your new Hello Sunday products into your routine? Now that you've invested money into quality skincare you're unsure when to use it? Let's break it down! 

You're AM skincare routine should look a little like this. 

Cleanse your skin with our Playa SeaSalt Soap Bar or another daily, gentle cleanser - make sure to rinse with warm water. Our soap bar is gentle enough to use on the most sensitive of skin types. 

playa seasalt soap bar  
Now it's time to use your Vitamin C serum.  Anytime you want to incorporate products with actives you want to use them FIRST without any other products inhibiting their efficacy. You want to get the most out of those actives!
Next, I like to hydrate my skin. I like to hydrate first with our Flores Facial Mist followed by a hyaluronic acid serum. Our mist is made up of a Low Molecular Weight (LMW) HA. Made up of tiny particles, it will penetrate deep within the layers of the skin. I then follow this up with a High Molecular Weight (HMW) HA serum that will sit more on the surface of my skin. Using both types of Hyaluronic Acid will draw in moisture for a power punch of hydration to the skin for intensive results!
flores facal mist bottle 

 This next step is optional. This is when I generally like to apply a tanning water. I usually apply this every other day for a nice healthy glow.

 If you want to incorporate Niacinamide into your routine this is when you will apply it. Niacinamide is great to help balance your oil production.

Now if you've noticed, all the steps up until now have been water based products. This is because you want to apply all your water based products before applying any oil based products. Oil based ingredients are always your final step in your skincare routine. They help lock in all that hydration.

Next comes the Verano Facial Serum and the last step in your routine. I like to massage 5 drops in an upwards motion. This will lock in moisture and give your skin a lovely, healthy glow. Your skin should feel plump, soft and moisturised.

verano facial serum bottle

  If makeup is part of your routine, your skin will be perfectly prepped. Depending on your makeup style, a minimalist routine will flawlessly compliment your healthy glow shine through.  If you like more of a full coverage then you can rest assured your skin has been taken care of.

You're PM skincare routine can look a little like this.

I begin by massaging in a pea sized amount of our Azul Cleansing Balm all over my face.  This helps rid of any environmental pollutants and melts away makeup. I then rinse off with a warm washcloth.  If I'm in the mood for a double cleanse, I will follow up with the Playa SeaSalt Soap Bar.

Azul cleansing balm jar 
Once my face is cleansed I mist over my face with the Flores Facial Mist and apply a HA serum.

I then go ahead and apply my Retinol. Not all retinols are the same and you have to find what one that works best for you. Mine is oil based, which allows it to slowly penetrate my skin.  When I first started using a retinol I did experience a "purge" but now my skin loves it and I can definitely see the improved results in my skin.

Lastly I apply 5 drops of the Verano Facial Serum mimicking the same massage technique I do in the morning. I can never get enough of our beloved Verano serum. It truly keeps my skin moisturised and vibrant.

verano facial serum bottle and gua sha   


*Incorporate our Frutas or Agua Facial Masks 1-3 times a week.

*Use your actives first.

*Feel free to use a Gua Sha as part of your morning or evening routine.

*Hot water can leave your skin damaged and dry.

*Sunscreen is a non negotiable.

*Pea size amount should be enough for most products.

*Let your skin dry at least 75% before you apply the next product. 

Claudine xx